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Imagine opening your computer and having leads generated and waiting for you. Imagine having thousands of listings to sell. Imagine a fully automated CRM System!

Welcome to the Real Estate Evolution!

                                    FREEAGENT IS HERE!
FreeAgent will supply you with leads!
FreeAgent is networked with web sites finding both Sellers and Buyers.
FreeAgent can supply you with listings!
FreeAgent will allow you to have access to thousands of New Properties to sell
FreeAgent is Free to use!
We will charge you a fee upon sucess!
FreeAgent is the most advanced Real Estate CRM Property System in the world.
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FreeAgent gives you the power of a Property CRM system with Intergration of the world most intelligent Client Management System.

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Real Estate Solutions THAT WORK!

                Property System

Our Property System caters for all types of Property including Business and Commercial.

                Work Flow

Our Work Flow allows you easly to see where you are up to with each client or property.

                Client Management

Client Management is easy with FreeAgent!

Keep track of all aspects of your clients including all emails sent to them.

                Microsoft Office Intergration

MS Office 365 is intergrated into the FreeAgent System allowing you to access all your files, folders and documents from anywhere in the world, from a single dashboard, and from any device!.

Features Include:

Property Upload System XML (Domain, RealEstate, Others) Property Mapping How to Get There Flyers
Property Flyers and Brochures Excess From Any internet Computer Full Listing System (Residential, Commercial Etc)
Automation System Residential Listing Cards Contact Management
Stock Lists Internal Messaging System Virtual Tour System
Basic Window Cards Basic Brochures and Flyers Voice Overs for Property
Sold Unconditional Reports Multiple Security Features Automatic Merge New Listings to Clients
Automatic Sending of Weekly Property Reports Newsletter Manager Customisable Groups for Client Management
Filter and Sort Client Matching Send SMS to Clients and Staff Integration to your Web site
Automatic Notification of Contract Reminder Dates Calender System Automatic Send SMS Appointment Reminders
Automatic Send B’day, Christmas Card Etc Clint Files Tracts Appointments, Messages, SMS etc Advanced Flyers Brochures Etc
Weekly Vendor Reports Contract and Commission System Property Video System
Full Planer System Sold planner, Listing, Auction etc. Individual Staff Calendar Ability to Book Tasks, Appointments for Others in the Team
Full Staff Property Reporting Notification of Advertising Deadlines etc Full Trust Accounting Sales
Multiple Trust Accounts Full Contract Management System Multiple Offer Capable
Full Commission System with Full Office Reporting Appraisal System Customisable Window Cards
Full Letter Writing System Revolving Window Displays Pre Listing Presentation System
Document Upload System Settlement System Including Settlement Letters Future Settlement Reports
Notification, Pest Inspection, Finance, Enconditional etc. In Office Mini Mag Vendor Paid Advertising System
Invoicing VPA Advertising Booking System Advertising Planner System
VPA Account Manager Automatic Bill Creator Full Franchise Reporting System Full Reports Staff, Office, Property, etc.

Our Services

Performance Software

FreeAgent has over 15 years of design behind it. So if you are a small office or large multinational FreeAgent has you covered!

Security Settings

FreeAgent has multiple security levels for your office, only give staff the module you want them to have!

Search System

Managing Contacts is simple with FreeAgent. All your contacts are easily searchable and you can instantly see all their total interaction with you and the office.

Multi Device Software

FreeAgent is multi device, so it will work on your computer, iPad, iPhone and even Android Devices!


Microsoft Cloud intergration allows for all your files, folders and documents to be accessable to you anywhere in the world. intergration with office 365 allows you to access word, excel and outlook on the go on any device!

Work Flow Management

FreeAgent has workflow. FreeAgent is the only Real Estate CRM system in Australia to include Full Work Flow.  Never miss a important task, reminder, or action again!

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